Whether you wish to host a training fair, launch new products, promote your brand, give demonstrations... There are myriad reasons to organise a roadshow.

A roadshow requires putting together a mobile unit that can stage an event at different locations over a short period of time, with a similar set-up.

This makes it easier to identify similar host sites for all your tour dates and destinations, which lets you welcome all your guests — regardless of the region — in an identical structure.

Mobile solutions of this kind are constantly evolving. They are composed of modular and customisable structures, include a varied range of communication materials, and offer unrivalled flexibility.


From choosing the most suitable structure to host your guests at the site to drawing up the schedule, our teams take care of every aspect of putting your project into action.

Our structures are fully customisable and modular; from top (canopy, lighting) to bottom (flooring, carpet), exterior (terraces, facade) and interior (partitions, furniture), choose your preferred configuration over a floorspace ranging from 25 to 400 sq. m.

And if none of the structures from our catalogue fully meets your needs, we can work together to design a tailor-made structure just for you.

In addition to the structure, we also offer you a full range of associated services: security, catering, reception staff, entertainment, and more.


Alliance Laundry Systems - Primus

A three-year roadshow, spanning Europe, aimed at presenting the new products in the Primus range to the brand’s distributors and identified prospective customers.

  • Receipt and study of the client’s specifications
  • Engineering work for the installation of 11 industrial machines, including 4 fully functional models
  • Customisation of the trailer for connection of the necessary power supply and plumbing
  • Full covering of the trailer and customisation of the furnishings
  • Personnel and event management - 23 dates over 3 years.

We help you draw up your specifications, identify your requirements,
and implement the solution best suited to your needs.

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