Our expertise is not limited to building lightweight vehicles for events. We provide assistance through each phase of your project. Indeed, our proposal can sometimes be where your project gets started, if we think it fits with your overall communication strategy.

Whatever the objective, we will propose a concept to achieve it, whether it is a communication, demonstration, or logistical support tool. Our specially designed event vehicles offer a wide range of features to help turn your vision into a reality.


  • Receipt of the client’s specifications
  • Tracking down suitable vehicles (new or old)
  • Technical designs and 3D mock-ups
  • Commencement of restoration work and modifications following approval of the design
  • Roadworthiness certification with the relevant authorities, if necessary
  • Final delivery and operation by or for the client



Discover step by step this project to completely transform a vintage vehicle into a versatile and autonomous event vehicle, serving as both a branding space and a mobile stage.

  • Drafting the specifications
  • Tracking down suitable vehicles that hark back to French heritage
  • Technical studies, 3D mock-ups, and fitting-out proposals
  • Restoration of the vehicle and commencement of modifications after approval by the client
  • Roadworthiness certificate and registration in France
  • Delivery to the client, management of periodic maintenance, recruitment of the operating staff


Restoration of a 1950s Chevrolet 3100 pickup, with the addition of a giant ice bucket on the back with a built-in freezer.

  • Receipt of the client’s specifications
  • Proposal of several vehicles and a range of versions for street marketing
  • Vehicle chosen by the client: Chevrolet 3100
  • Tracking down the vehicle and planning out the work to be done
  • Complete restoration of the vehicle and commencement of modifications
  • Recruitment of teams and management of the tour

We help you draw up your specifications, identify your requirements,
and implement the solution best suited to your needs.

View and download our presentation book of vehicles we have transformed.